Moving In Checklist

The day is not over. Now you have to move in. Â Make use of our Moving In Checklist to prioritize your objectives within your new home.








How To Work With The Movers

Chances are that you will be at your home before the movers arrive. While you are awaiting the arrival of the movers you should make sure that everything is properly running in your home. Also, check to make sure that the utilities are running. If your appliances are not working the way that it should then you should make a note of it, and get it repaired as soon as possible.

Tracking your shipment

☐ If you want to check on the status of your moving truck consult the local branch. They should be able to track it for you. Make sure that there are proper accommodations for the van to park and unload, and be prepared to meet them upon arrival.

☐ If the moving company did not require for you to pay in advance then make sure that you have a money order or a cashier’s check ready. Adjust your schedule to be present to meet the movers, and supervise the unloading.

☐ Make sure to check your belongings. Make sure that nothing is missing or damaged. If there is a discrepancy, record it on the inventory sheet before you sign it. Your signature on the inventory sheet states that you received all your belongings, and that everything was in the same condition as before. If this is not true you must personally tell the management of the company. Keep the receipt for your taxes and insurance.

☐ Make sure the movers have a floor plan. This will aid them in unloading quickly and efficiently.

☐ Instructing the movers to place the furniture in certain rooms is ultimately your responsibility. However, it is also your responsibility to unpack everything else, unless your agreement stipulated more.


Settled In

☐ Make sure you allow your appliances to adjust to room temperature for at least twenty- four hours before use. This will minimize the possibility of them being damaged.

☐ You will want to replace all the locks in your home for security reasons. You want to be sure that no one else has a copy of the house keys.

☐ Familiarize yourself with the neighborhood by getting the phone books and maps.

☐ The next step after unpacking is updating the photo inventory of your home and updating your insurance files.

☐ Make sure that your previous bills have been transferred or cancelled.

☐ Confirm your address change in important places so that you can receive your mail at your new home address.

Address change checklist

☐ Bank Accounts

☐ Credit Cards

☐ Loans

☐ Insurance

☐ Pension Plans


☐ Licenses

☐ Vehicle registration

☐ Attorney

☐ Accountant

☐ Physician

☐ Dentist

☐ Newspaper/magazine subscriptions

☐ Memberships