Moving Day Checklist

Checklists that simplifies your moving experience

The stress of planning the move has been hard enough. – don’t get flustered over the pack list details. Just print Our Moving Day Checklist, and you will find a stress free way to make sure your did not forget anything.








Checklist For The Day of Moving

☐ Complete the final cleaning.

☐ Take out the trash.

☐ Make sure the water heater is turned off, and the thermostat is at 55degrees.

☐ Plan Make sure that you consider what you will need the day after moving, and pack a bag with all your necessary personal items and clothes. This will help you avoid the headache of trying to find which box you have your stuff in.

☐ Finish packing all the straggler things waiting to be boxed.

☐ Leave information of your moving plan with a friend or relative.

☐ Meet with your apartment manager or landlord for a walk through of the property.

☐ Make sure you have a copy of the apartment inspection evaluation for your records.

☐ Make sure you have a flashlight just incase you get to your home at night time.

Checklist if you are moving by yourself

☐ Prepare for unforeseen incidents by getting the contact information of a local mover. There is no guarantee that everything will go as planned, and you might need this information.

☐ Pick up your moving truck early or on the previous day.

☐ Make sure that your tank of gas is full.

☐ Inspect the vehicle for body damage before renting it. Make sure any previous damage is noted by the rental company.

☐ Buy any needs that are last minute like bubble wrap, tape, and boxes.

☐ Make sure you have a padlock to secure the lock on the vehicle.

☐ Make sure you know the route to your new house..

☐ Make a list that tells you what items are in what boxes. Make a labeling system, and number your boxes. This will help with unloading

☐ When you pack the truck make sure that the stuff you need first is loaded last.

☐ Use common sense and load the truck according to weight and box size.

☐ Return the rented truck with the amount of gas that was in it when you rented it.

☐ Make sure that an inspection is done and you will not be held responsible for any damage that you did not do.

Professional Movers Checklist

☐ Make sure that you agree with the mover’s inventory list. Take pictures if there is a disagreement.

☐ Keep a copy of the inventory.

☐ Load everything including your luggage that you are taking along with you on the trip.

☐ Search to make sure your house is empty before the moving vans leave.

☐ Check the Bill of Lading before signing, and keep a copy of it for yourself.

☐ You need to know the driver’s name, and give the driver your contact information and maps/ directions to the new address.

☐ Supervise the unpacking. Make notes of damages, and make sure all your items are there.

☐ Make sure you make a note on the inventory form that further inspection is necessary for loss of the concealed damage. This allows you to finish unpacking at a later time.

☐ Make sure you arrive at the home before the movers. Some time a late charge is applied.