Long Distance Moving Checklist

Long Distance is what it is. Being dis-organized isn’t an option in these situations. Make good use of a Long Distance Moving Checklist to keep you on track with your priorities.








Getting Started

☐Good planning is required for long distance moves.

☐If you plan a long distance move than you have to develop a plan that will help it go as smoothly as possible. Using a checklist is very helpful to insure that you don’t miss something in the move.

Get Rid of everything that you don’t really need

☐ Approximately 8 weeks before moving you need to take an inventory of your household items. Give away some items. You can donate them or see if your friends or family members take interest in some of them. You can also have a yard sale, and then give away whatever doesn’t sale. The bottom line is that you want to rid yourself of all the unnecessary items. You only want to take the items that are essential to your.

Pick Your Moving Company

☐ Research several different companies. Interview them, ask for references that tell you about service with long distance moves. You need to insist to see the proof of insurance. Call the references and make sure the company is not only legitimate, but that the service is good as well

Take extra Care With Fragile Belongings

☐ If at all possible you want to pack up the fragile belongings, and you also want to be the one who moves them. This may mean that you have to rent an additional truck, but it will also mean that all those fragile things are under your supervision for the entire trip.

Utility Company Contact

☐ When it is nearly 4 weeks out from the move make sure you contact the utility company. Make sure they are provided with a cut off date, or a transfer date. Make sure that the contact is to the local company, and to the company that will be providing for your new address.

Family Communication

☐ Make sure that your family understands and is familiar with your moving plan. This is important because they will know your route, and will be on the look out if something goes wrong. Once you meet your destination call to confirm your location. You might decided to have check in points along the route. Long distance moves are not always predictable, and so you need safety measures in place.

Contact Schools

☐ One month before you move it is important to contact the current school district, and the school district in the new area. Make arrangements for your children to make a smooth transition. You want to make sure that nothing interrupts your child’s education. It is important that the new school is expecting your children, and that they have received all the necessary records from the previous school.

Call Movers

☐ Make sure to ask for phone numbers from the moving company. This is important because you want to be able to contact the driver of the van with your belongings. Make sure that the movers have contact with you by providing them with your cell number when they pick up your belongings.