Business Moving Checklist

Business Moving Checklist

Make use of a printable business moving checklist to organize your next office move. Â Being that the moving process is usually PBO (Packed by owner), Procedures undoubtedly are a bit laxer for businesses with fewer than 10 staff members, despite the fact that even in a tiny environment there has to be some sort of formal strategy in position. When moving or relocating a company, it’s essential to minimize downtime and make the relocating process as effective as possible.Depending on the size of the business, you may want to check out our Small Business Moving Checklist, or our Office Moving Checklist. If you are a huge Commercial Business, check out our Commercial Moving Checklist.








Six Months before Moving

☐ Alert your staff of the upcoming move. Encourage their input and suggestions.

☐ Research properties and rental space in the desired location.

☐ Begin negotiating a new lease agreement. Involve your lawyer as necessary.

☐ Apply for applicable licenses and permits.

☐ Design a floor plan for your new building. Involve the maintenance and information technology teams.

☐ Prepare the new location for the move.

☐ Paint

☐ Install new flooring/carpeting

☐ Clean

☐ Remodel to fit your business needs (including installing telephone and network jacks, new plumbing, etc.)

☐ Install new fixtures, appliances, machinery, etc.

☐ Schedule staff meetings and one-on-one employee meetings to determine who might leave your company due to the move.

☐ Make any necessary personnel changes, including replacing, transferring, and reassigning any employees who resign due to the move.

☐ Order and install signs for your business at your new location or move existing signs so customers will get used to seeing signs in the new location before you move.


Three Months before Moving:

☐ Hire a moving service.

☐ Accept the insurance offered by the moving service if your current policy does not cover damages during a move.

☐ Arrange for all your company’s utilities (water, electricity, cable, phone, etc.) to be transferred or discontinued. If discontinuing, make arrangements for utilities in your new building to be turned on at the time you specify.

☐ Update all company accounts, checks, documents, business cards, stationery, etc., to reflect your new business address.

☐ Evaluate current hardware, machinery, furniture, supplies, etc. Toss, donate, or recycle items as needed. Purchase replacement items and have them delivered to the new address.

☐ Hire professionals to make any necessary repairs and clean the current rental space according to your original lease agreement.

☐ Update, purge, and back up computer files as appropriate. Shred paper files as needed and shred superfluous paper.

☐ Put a stop order on all new office supplies.


One Month before Moving:

☐ Obtain new phone numbers, extensions, fax numbers, and IP addresses. Verify that all communication systems work.

☐ Negotiate access to both buildings after-hours.

☐ Purchase moving materials, and begin packing infrequently used items.

☐ Notify all customers, vendors, creditors, the local Yellow Pages office, and other applicable parties of your change of business address.

☐ Request mail forwarding with the U.S. Postal Service. Transfer or cancel Post Office boxes.

☐ Send a professional press release to the local newspaper at each location, or purchase advertisement space, to inform the public of your move.

☐ Put up a “We are moving” sign at the current location


One Week before Moving

☐ Pack and move document storage and supply room content. Unpack at the target location.

☐ Hire professional movers and relocate large furniture items.

☐ Request moving assistance from vendors for applicable items, such as vending machines, printers, and copy machines.

☐ Send out a mass-mailing to clients or customers with the new business address and phone numbers. Include a map.

☐ Make all necessary arrangements with your local bank, transferring or closing accounts.

☐ Schedule a walk-through with the old business’ property management.


Three Days before Moving

☐ Walk through the new location and ensure that everything is in working order and ready to move. Work out any last-minute problems/details.

☐ Move computers and peripherals.

☐ Ensure that all phones, the Internet, and all electronics are working and routing correctly.

☐ Test fire alarms and other safety equipment.

☐ Draft an emergency evacuation plan and have it approved by the Fire Marshall.

☐ Distribute a copy of the plan to all employees and note to include it in the next revision of the employee handbook.

☐ Ask employees to begin packing their work areas and personal items.


Moving Day

☐ Change the hold message on the phone system and the company website to reflect the new contact information.

☐ All employees time to settle in and set up their work areas.

☐ Clean the old business property and ensure it is left according to your lease agreement.

☐ Complete a walk-through with property management and leave the key and your forwarding address for the security deposit and necessary paperwork.